How often should pool cartridge filter should be replaced

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how often do you need to replace you swimming pool cartridge filter?

We live in PA and we have been told 2 swimming seasons but my dad insists that the filter we have is fine and sprays it with a hose everyday. so how do you know when it is time to change it? oh our pool is the 30 ft round and it is a hayward filter.

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9 Responses to “How often should pool cartridge filter should be replaced”

  • sr71black: should’nt have to clean it everyday-sounds like its too small…a filter can be acid washed to remove oils its still good as long as the material is not frayed…some last 4-5 years for the larger sizes:

  • sophist:

    There should be a manual with the unit. It gives the frequency of change. Thing to remember about swimming pool filters is they filter more that dirt, they filter biologics as well. It is the biologics that constitute the biggest threat to health and the infestation cannot be seen. Routine change is the only safe way to do it.

  • Dusty Spasms:

    uh, when the water turns green….and clams run free in it

  • Tofu:

    you should change the filter when ever it gets damaged in any way. also your dad isn’t suppose to was the filter everyday because the high water pressure might damage the filter material.

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